The NTG Gut Reset: A Nutritional Guide

The NTG Gut Reset: A Nutritional Guide

It is a 21-day nutritional road map to help you include foods that have been shown to improve gut microflora. Most of us are so used to walking around bloated and tired it has become our new norm. This program helps you tackle those challenges to feel and function at your best.


  • The program includes one 15 minute session --  the call must be used within 21 days from the purchase date. 
  • Unlimited access via text and e-mail during the 21 days from when you purchase the program.


The program is broken down into three parts:

Part 1: The Basics & Some Science

What is the gut microbiome?

Gut Health 101

Gut-Brain Axis

5R Gut Restoration Program

12 Pillars Of The Plan

Food & Lifestyle Focus


Part 2: The Three Phases

Meals & Recipes Inducing Drinks and Desserts

Suggested Optional Supplements 

Sample Detailed Day

Sample Week of Meals


Part 3: Resources & FAQ

 Grocery list

How To Build Your Meal

Kitchen Favorites 

Dining Out Tips


You will also receive additional e-mails throughout the program including:

  1. The Follow-Up // This will help you navigate weekends and nights out with friends
  2. Lectins: Friends or Foe?
  3. The Aftermath // How to make this a lifestyle that works for YOU. This is a NOT diet.



The program also includes:

  • Vegan and animal protein recipes
  • A choose your own adventure approach; some will go all in, and others will take bits and pieces and add into their day. It’s YOUR journey, create your path.


The program does not include: 

  • Calorie, macro or fiber counting
  • Calorie breakdown of meals
  • A fat-free or low carb approach