Sarah Marlette

About Sarah, BS, MS and FNTP

Sarah is a functional nutritionist. She has her Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Sarah graduated from her Masters Program summa cum laude with 4.0 GPA and is currently applying for her PhD in Nutrition.

Sarah is the founder of Nourish Thrive Glow, Inc. an integrative nutrition consulting business and private practice focusing on healthy,  nutrient-dense, practical recipes, all while leading a clean, holistic lifestyle. Her approach to nutrition: realistic. Sarah helps her clients build their nutrition toolkit to enrich their lifestyle opposed to diminish it through rules and realistic standards. Sh

Sarah has built her practice on what she calls "Tools, Not Rules," because too many things in life stress us out and nutrition should not be one of them. Sarah breaks down the science and current research to inform her clients, not influence them.

 When she isn’t working with her clients, you can find in nature, reading, cooking for friends and family or traveling with her husband and German shorthaired pointer, Sydney.

Her Philosophy


Sarah's strong passion for nutrition and wellness grew out of her own health problems - bloating, acne, fatigue, low energy levels, and weight fluctuation (weight loss and gain).  She went to countless doctors who overprescribed medications to treat her symptoms with little to no relief. Exhausted and fed up, she turned to food and a more holistic approach

Her philosophy is all about nourishment - not deprivation. She focuses on creating a flexible routine that allows her to enjoy life while still feeding her cells and nourishing her body, and does the same with each one of her clients. 

Sarah challenges her clients to stop viewing food as the enemy, and instead to see it as energy, the building blocks to our life – as one of the most essential parts of our lives. She believes health is not a one-size-fits-all approach and should be customized to one’s bio-individuality.


She works with clients from all walks of life and all over the world to help them create and sustain a routine that works for them. When her clients begin to understand how food works, it provides them with a roadmap and the tools necessary to support their lifelong health journey.