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Gut Reset Testimonial

I have tried many diets, fads, etc. and I have always messed up my immune system and metabolism so much over the past 6-7 years. I’ve been following Sarah for a while now on IG and decided to give the NTG Reset a try. Let me tell ya - I am sooo happy I did!!! Between her evidence based research, tips, and recipes, I have not only lost weight but started to heal internally! My bloating and mid-afternoon crashes started to disappear! I started to incorporate her tips and suggestions in my every day life - from ACV with lemon water, to the healing chicken bone broth veggie soup, to daily walks. Sarah breaks down gut health in such an easy way to understand, which is important especially for someone like me who doesn’t fully understand the science behind our gut and why it’s so important to heal. A couple months after doing NTG Reset - I still have been applying what I have learned. This is a lifestyle change, and putting in 70-80% of what I have learned makes a huge impact in your life. Life is definitely unpredictable, but with the tips and knowledge I have learned from NTG Reset and Sarah, I can say that my gut is healing, my immune system is getting stronger, and my overall health is improving! Trust the process! 

- Larisa 

Before the gut reset, I had been experiencing stomach aches after nearly every meal and could not pin down why. After picking up habits from Sarah in terms of supplements, circadian rhythm, fiber intake and the importance of breakfast, I felt so much better and my stomach aches went away. It's an easy reset to follow with the flexibility that makes it realistic. Would definitely recommend it!


When I was 17 (for context I am now 31) I started getting horrible acid reflux. My primary care physician explained to me that it was likely caused by lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance. As a true pizza and bagel lover I was unwilling to figure out which of my two favorite foods was causing me pain. Finally, 13 years later I found Sarah on Instagram. With all of the scientific information she posts regarding her meal habits I decided that I trusted what she had to say. I am so glad that I did. After participating in the NTG Gut Reset it is now clear to me I have a gluten sensitivity. I lost 13 pounds in inflammation (and it hasn't come back in the three months since I started my new gluten free lifestyle).  I also no longer suffer from digestive issues or GERD. I have more energy and have found new foods to love. Sarah's reset is so easy to follow and understand- I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to balance their body back out.
- Alyssa

For years I struggled with indigestion. I looked and felt bloated all the time and had low energy. I never was one to follow any “diet” because they seem very stressful to follow and keep up with (at least in my opinion). When I saw Sarah was releasing the Gut Reset, I wanted to give it a shot. I followed her on Instagram for a while beforehand and always appreciated her realistic approaches to food.


It’s coming up to a year when I initially started the program and I STILL recommend it to everyone. The bloating subsided immensely, my digestion was better, and I had more energy. It’s easy to follow and the recipes are great; the Green Vanilla Thrilla is the best smoothie I’ve ever had. To this day, I still incorporate the tools and recipes into everyday life. And I don’t feel guilty about eating a slice (or two) of pizza from time to time.


Trust me when I say I’m so incredibly grateful for this program. I’ve learned to take better care of my body and mind, and I’m more conscious of what I intake. If I fall off track, I know what I need to do to get right back on.

- Lauren B

When I found Sarah's Instagram account, I was really curious if the NTG gut reset was going to work for me. 

For about 5 years I had major digestion and transit problems, and to my surprise when following  NTG everything was back to normal, I was no longer afraid to eat certain foods for fear of pain. So a big thank you to Sarah for the work she provides us always supported by studies. thanks again.


The NTG guide really helped me heal my skin when I was majorly struggling. Sarah was so helpful with adapting the guide to suite my highly active lifestyle, and I still draw on many of the principles today.

- Sacia

 Sarah is the absolute best mentor when it comes to gut health, healing, and supporting. I am so thankful I signed up for the NTG Gut Reset. I started it right before the holidays in 2020. It really helped me gain control over what I was consuming over the holidays and what to do afterwards. I am still on my journey. I have good days and bad. However, I have tools now!! I love how she says "no rules, just tools". It is so true. I feel less inflamed and bloated. My periods are unrecognizable now - no bloating! One of the best tips she gave me was 5 days before my period to gentle movement and drink matcha...WOW! That changed the game. She is always responsive and cheering you on! I am so grateful for her wisdom and willingness to be so bold on her platforms. I cannot thank her enough! I am not done yet (we still have a little more healing to go), but I know I am on the best track because of Sarah and NTG Gut Reset!! 

The gut reset has been a pivotal resource during my health journey. Despite meeting the standards of what many Americans assume is a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise, I had been experiencing several health issues that left me constantly feeling constantly bloated, stressed, and sick. My initial research led me to extremely restrictive diets and temporary fixes that had only exacerbated my symptoms. The gut reset was my first step at getting to the root cause of what was off in my body and healing it from the inside out. Not only did the reset provide delicious recipes that I still use on a very regular basis, the knowledge and science that she breaks down in the guide is really what made a huge difference for me. Understanding the proper functioning of the microbiome and gut as a whole helped me to realize that there were multiple factors leading to my poor gut health; however, I had soon had the knowledge and power to make small changes that turned into HUGE changes for my overall wellbeing. After the reset, I saw changes in my body that I never had imagined would come from this program. I have so much more brain clarity, reduced stress, and great sleep. I can eat diverse nutrient dense meals without feeling bloated or sick after. My energy levels skyrocketed and skin issues that I had been dealing with for years had diminished. Many of the symptoms that I was suffering from I thought were just the way my body functioned and were things I’d have to deal with forever. The gut reset gave me a comprehensive understanding of what was going on in my body and the tools to take control of my health and happiness. I’m so glad I participated in this program! 
- Carly C

NTG Gut Reset is truly an amazing TOOL for anyone and everyone who often or even just sometimes feels a little off. The program helped me to realize which foods make me feel bloated and how to work with, not against, my body. Am I sometimes going to say that's ok because I want the french fries- absolutely! But, as Sarah always says: tools not rules! This has done wonders for me and I am even making my boyfriend go through it because he is having some GI discomfort. I know he will not be sorry! Thank you thank you thank Sarah and NTG- this is has gotten me on track and it is such a wonderful resource to come back to when you need a little gut reset :)

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