The Art of Doing Less: A Mini E-Book

The Art of Doing Less: A Mini E-Book

                                              Tools, Not Rules


I have built my approach on Tools, Not Rules. This program is designed to help you spend less time worrying about food and less time obsessing over exercise by understanding the basics and creating a toolkit that works for you. Your toolkit will look different than mine, and there will be days you don't reach for specific tools. It is a realistic guide to health through intentional choices.


This guide is the basic plan &  does NOT include a 15 minute phone call or additional support via text. It does include access to the Facebook group. The content is the same is both guides.


Part 1:

The Basics: Carbs, Proteins, & Fats

Digestion and Absorption

Liver and Gut Health

Mitochondria, Muscles, and Aging



Part 2:

The Art of Doing Less Main Pillars

  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Blood Sugar & Food Freedom
  • Female Hormones and Cycle
  • Weight loss and Sustainability
  • Stressors: Sleep & Stress



Part 3:

The 10-day plan


Sample Day
Getting Started


Part 4:

Recipes, meal prep tips


Part 5:

Weekend tips, workouts & supplements