NTG Fasting Guide: Fast to Feel Good by Finding What Feels Good- The Short Game

NTG Fasting Guide: Fast to Feel Good by Finding What Feels Good- The Short Game

I developed this fasting guide to help people, women especially, break through the noise and misinformation on fasting. I discuss how short, well-timed fast has been shown to improve blood sugar, gut health, and more. The guide is a realistic, evidence-based approach to fasting. 


In addition to the guide, you'll also receive:

  • One 15 minute phone call & unlimited access via text and e-mail. All must be used within 60 days from the purchase date. 
  • One group zoom session - several times and sessions will be offered to help accommodate all participants. If you cannot make the session, you can submit questions ahead of time. Zoom session will be recorded for those who cannot attend.
  • A Follow-up Guide
  • A closed Facebook Group


What the guide covers:

What is Fasting:

  • Fasting 101
  • Who Can Benefit
  • The Physiology 
  • The Hormones
  • Fasting Types


The Fasting Short Game

  • Circadian Rhythm Fasting
  • Circadian Rhythm 101
  • How to Optimize Our Circadian Rhythm
  • The Studies
  • Women & Fasting (Cycle, PCOS)


Fasting Benefits

  • Gut Health
  • Metabolic Switching
  • Energy & Exercise
  • Autoimmunity


Getting Started

  • What is Your Why
  • How to Start
  • Creating Your Eating Window
  • Meal Times
  • Re-Feed
  • Nutrient Timing 
  • Are Carbs Bad?
  • Meal Breakdown
  • Crescendo Fasting
  • Sample Fasting Plan
  • Sample Fasting Week
  • What Breaks A Fast


The Extras

  • FAQ
  • Common Mistakes
  • Fasting Tips 
  • Sample Day & Week
  • Meals
  • Grocery List & Macronutrients ( breakdown & digestion)
  • Hunger Hormones



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