NTG Detox Program

This is not a trendy “detox” program, but a well-designed detoxification protocol to help you support your body’s own robust and powerful detox system.  Detoxification is a full body process, with the liver being the main star, however, each cell is  hard at work 24/7 to detox the body. Toxins are literally everywhere, so it’s important we support our detox organs day in and out.


When our liver is taxed and under performing  this leads to: poor digestion, bloating, sluggish metabolism, weight gain around the abdomen, fatigue, gut issues and hormonal imbalances such as estrogen dominance. 


Can’t seem to shed those last few pounds? Did you know that when you’re not supporting your liver, used toxins are sent to your fat tissues to be stored and those fat cells won’t release those toxins until the liver is healthy.


What does the plan include: science based research to help you reagin your health, 20 new recipes, a sample day in the life, NTG meal planner and journal, grocery list, a closed Facebook group and support from me via text and e-mail.


 It's suggested to follow this plan for 10 days.


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