Level-Up Retreat in Portugal 2021

Level-Up Retreat in Portugal 2021

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to reserve your spot. Travel services are not included.


Retreat Details:

Join Holistic Nutritionist Sarah Marlette (me!) and Trainer & Wellness Coach Victoria Sardain for 5-full days and 6 nights in a luxury villa on the coast of Portugal.


Learn how to prepare nutritionist approved meals and create sustainable practical healthy habits in line with your personal health goals, feel your best with daily yoga classes and workouts, and come home with knowledge, tools and resources of how to Level-Up your health.


Where: On the stunning Tróia Peninsula, on the coast of Portugal (30 mins away from Lisbon). This retreat takes place in a luxury villa with a private pool, beach access and garden.


When: From the 10th - 16th of May (nights of the 10th - 15th included).


What: A 360-degree health, wellness, nutrition & fitness retreat on one of Portugal’s most beautiful coasts with unspoilt beaches, crystal clear waters and pine-covered dunes. Dive deep into how you can up-level your health, with personalized one-on-one nutrition guidance, daily nutrition workshops, cooking demos, daily workouts, mindfulness workshops, goodies to bring home and more.




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