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Shredding for the wedding

Updated: Jan 22

I’m finally sharing my wedding prep details! I want to preface this post with the following: this is what I chose to do, and what I wanted to do. Everyone is different and reacts differently to foods and routines. This post is intended to empower and inspire you to set a goal and go after it. It is not intended to diagnosis or treat disease.

Listen to your body – it will tell you what is working.

I know many people aren’t into the wedding “diet” but this was NOT a diet. I kept my normal routine, removed some irritants and added in some tools like intermittent fasting. I limited red wine (vodka instead) and amped up my workout routine. I still ate carbs (good ones!) and went to brunch with girlfriends, but I was very mindful of my food. I had a goal, and I went after it. I still use tool today and have kept up the workouts!I’m sharing what worked and what didn’t.

Diet For me, this is always the most important thing. What’s on my plate? How is the quality?

I started to add and remove things 6 months leading up to my wedding. Good things take time, and I’m not a fan of overhauling one’s diet in one day. Quick fixes do no create sustainable habits.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

6 Months Mark

I was struggling with fruit malabsorption so I began to limit fruit to two servings per day in their whole form

  • Everyone reacts differently to foods, so this is where intuitive eating comes into play. Fruit doesn’t bother me on an empty stomach in small amounts. However, if I have smoothie with a whole banana and berries, I am bloated, uncomfortable and hungry by 10 am. Or if I have an apple in the afternoon after lunch, I will be uncomfortable because it’s so hard for my body to digest (food combining). The order you eat your food matters. Fruit digest the most quickly – which is why it should be consumed first.Why do I limit fruit? For a couple reasons. My main one bloating. The second, too much fruit leads to fructose sugar causing blood sugar to spike and extra insulin. Insulin’s effect on your brain chemistry increases your appetite. Insulin blocks leptin, your appetite-control hormone. Fruit is 100% metabolized in your liver as fructose.

  • Limit starchy vegetables/grains to one serving per day

    • See above! Ha, but really this all comes back to glucose AND the elephant in the room we never talk about (bloat, constipation, gas). Which is how I would feel some days after a big bowl of quinoa with starchy veggies. Carbs in excess cause your blood sugar to spike and release insulin. Too much insulin in your body blocks fat burning.

  • Limit processed foods

    • If you follow me, I’m not a fast food kind of person, but I like my tortilla chips, Cantina Loco, Buddha popcorn and would often have them weekly. I focused on picking one processed item and having it only once or twice a week. I started to scale back.

  • Limiting my beloved red wine

    • This was tough, which is why I started to scale back 6 months out. I would have a few glasses during the workweek and MANY on the weekends. So started to scale back and when I was out, opt for vodka soda with extra lemons.


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