Show me the croissants!

Dear, Paris, 

I love you. I’m no Paris expert, just an American, eating a croissant with her less than well-behaved dog trying to pretend like she just didn’t eat the person’s croissant at the table next to me.

I’M ALWAYS ONLY HERE FOR THE FOOD. This is not a list of sights to see. It’s a list of ways to increase your coffee threshold and glycogen stores (CARB SO HARD!).

Quick note on where to stay, I prefer to stay in the 3rd or 4th, but my husband prefers the 6th (Saint Germain). Yes, he's the diva in the relationship. I’d say go 6th if you’re looking for more of the classic and it’s your first time. In my opinion, the 3rd and 4th are more hipster and trendy area full of almond milk flat whites and matchas. 


3rd/4th area:

6th area (Saint Germain area)



Breakfast/ Brunch:
3rd/4th area:

6th area:


3rd/4th area:


The 1st & 11th 



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